We are a national literary magazine, sponsored by the M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing at Butler University.

We come in small doses. Each monthly issue features a piece of prose, a handful of poems, and some kind of bonus feature.

We can come to you--via an RSS feed, or a free subscription to your Kindle (still in the works)--or we can sit here, looking pretty, hoping that you'll drop by.

Other than that, we're still kind of figuring out who we are.

We can tell you what we like, though. In prose we tend to enjoy pieces with a strong sense of narrative. Funny is good, especially if it sharpens the serious side of the work. Shorter pieces are especially encouraged, as these seem more web-friendly, but we're willing to eat those words if we come across a great long piece.

In poetry we like a diversity of styles and voices that show mindfulness, orginality, imagination, and heart. We seek poems that are palpable on the page and on the tongue--poems that, drawn from the depths, have found their form.

We are actively looking for dynamic narrative comics, or if you'd rather, graphics, graphic narratives, graphic stories. Just put together the pictures and words and we'll like it.


Also, we like inventive and irreverent lists on any subject. Lists are good.

We want to publish clever and whimsical art, including paintings, sketches, photography, watercolors, graffiti, concert posters, would-be greeting cards, cartooned and/or marooned monsters, etc.

Tastes aside, we are an eclectic mix of Butler graduate students, MFA Fellows, and adjunct faculty collaborating on this project.

Robert Stapleton, Editor

Katie Rauk, Associate Editor

Bryan Furuness, Prose Editor

Alessandra Lynch, Poetry Editor

Gautam Rao, Art Editor

Jim Walker, Editorial Assistant


Colleen Card

Traci Cumbay

Amanda Fagen

Jay Lesandrini

Alex Mattingly

Max Newell

Jeremy Noren

Susan Scott

Eliza Tudor

Steven Woods